7 reasons you need to invest in SEO


Is SEO part of your marketing strategy? More and more businesses are choosing to invest in digital marketing activities now that the online world is playing such a huge part in our everyday lives. From shopping to socialising, consuming news, and choosing who to vote for in elections, the internet shapes the lives of billions […]

The beginners guide to hashtags


Using hashtags on Social Media A hashtag is a word or phrase that has a hash mark # in front of the keyword or key phrase used. These words are meant to be emphasized within a social network post to show what the topic of the post is. They are used on a variety of […]

Where has your Twitter background gone?

twitter update -  SEO

You may or may not have noticed, but your Twitter wallpaper has been removed. Don’t worry, you are not been investigated by a shady government agency, and you haven’t broken any of Twitter’s guidelines. It is simply a new initiative by the social network to give all accounts the same white background, and they’ve removed […]

RAD SEO will be at Cambridge Roar

lion predator big cat cat 162093 -  SEO

RAD SEO very rarely exhibit at events and conferences, our excuse is that we are always too busy, the same excuse many of us use for neglecting networking on so many occasions.  We are fortunate enough to have great regional search engine visibility due to our SEO and digital marketing.  However this often means we […]

RAD SEO add support to young entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs

]RAD SEO are often asked to get involved in a number of projects from a wide range of industries.  Recently Managing Director Zak Jacobs was asked to meet and discuss SEO strategies with the 7 finalists for Unilever’s Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneur Awards. The awards are delivered in partnership with the University of Cambridge Institute […]

50 SEO experts to follow on Google+

Google+ SEO Experts Google+ launched mid-2011 and has seen a somewhat bumpy ride into 2015.  There has been some talk of it being dumped, but this is very unlikely anytime soon. In late 2013 Google reported 540 million ‘active’ users who had logged into at least 1 active service. At RAD SEO we not only enjoy […]

Facebook’s long lost twin found at last!

facebook timeline

Are Twitter jumping on the Facebook bandwagon? From Tuesday the 8th of April, Twitter HQ started rolling out a major new layout design for user’s profiles. Although it may not be available at this moment for everyone, don’t worry it’ll soon be coming to you!  Our RAD SEO profile has already had the new design […]

Why you can’t neglect social media with SEO campaigns

neglect social media for seo blog -  SEO

When looking at an SEO campaign we always consider the ways that we can enhance visibility and sharing of content.  In particular this process involves engaging with social media and developing the most applicable channels to benefit the clients needs. Contact RAD SEO to discuss your SEO objectives and see how we can assist

Facebook Look Back part of birthday celebrations

facebook lookback feature for birthday celebrations -  SEO

So Facebook has decided to bless us with some cheesy videos to celebrate its 10th birthday! Mr Zuckerberg decided to mark this occasion with a video of each Facebook users 15 most popular comments, photos and shares with a happy go lucky tune to capture those so called special moments.