The Ultimate Content Strategy Guide For Technical Industries

Futuristic woman in content marketing for technology industry

Capturing your audience’s attention in a technical industry can be hard, especially if your product or service isn’t the type that appears to bring the most excitement or engagement at first glance.   However there are still ways you can attract a targeted audience and gather interest without the fear of missing opportunities with a below par […]

SEO & Marketing News From May 2021


It’s been a hive of activity in the digital world in May – blink and you might just have missed some of the biggest shifts we’ve seen in months. As if the world has suddenly come alive again, the tech giants have been making drastic changes to cater to new demands and support us in returning to […]

Prepare Your Social Media Strategy for 2017


Is your social media set to go off with a bang in the New year? As the end of 2016 comes into sight, attentions turn toward the new year and what awaits us in the world of digital marketing. So, what should your social media strategy look like in 2017? Having a firm strategy on […]

The beginners guide to hashtags


Using hashtags on Social Media A hashtag is a word or phrase that has a hash mark # in front of the keyword or key phrase used. These words are meant to be emphasized within a social network post to show what the topic of the post is. They are used on a variety of […]

Facebook Update their “Real Names” Policy

facebook real names - SEO

  Facebook only wants to know the real YOU Facebook’s “real names” policy has kicked up a stink of late, with drag queens and other members of the LGBT community finding their accounts suspended due to the fact that they have used their nicknames – including Sister Roma and Lil Hot Mess, among many others – […]

Facebook shoots down the ‘Privacy Hoax’ once again

Facebook shoots down the Privacy - SEO

To quote Ron Burgundy: Wow, that escalated quickly. If you’ve been on Facebook over the past few days, you’ll probably already know what we’re talking about. Yes, it’s the dreaded Facebook are going to start stealing all of your data shared post that seems to rear its ugly head every couple of years or so. […]

Social Media and Schoolchildren: How much is too much?

Social Media and Schoolchildren - SEO

The impact social media could be having on your children A recent study has brought up some very interesting questions about social media and the amount of time that schoolchildren should be using them. The study found that a fifth of secondary school pupils are awake almost every night using social media, and the disruption […]

Facebook’s Major Milestone: One Billion Users in One Day

For the first time in Facebook’s 11 year history, over one billion people used the world’s largest social network in one single day. Company founder Mark Zuckerberg proudly announced the milestone on the wall of his Facebook page on August 27. In the post, Zuckerberg stated that 1 in 7 people on Earth had used […]

Twitter Officially Drops the 140-Character Limit

After months of speculation, Twitter has announced that they will officially be dropping the 140 character limit on Direct Messages from Wednesday August 19. Users will now be able to send direct messages of up to 10,000 characters to one another, which could well prove to be a blessing and a curse, particularly when it […]

10 reasons your social media is failing

social media failing

Most people recognise the importance of social media. It’s an incredibly useful tool in all aspects of business life, from networking and answering customer queries to marketing and enhancing your website’s SEO. However, if you find your social media campaign isn’t living up to your expectations, there could be a number of reasons why it […]

Where has your Twitter background gone?

You may or may not have noticed, but your Twitter wallpaper has been removed. Don’t worry, you are not been investigated by a shady government agency, and you haven’t broken any of Twitter’s guidelines. It is simply a new initiative by the social network to give all accounts the same white background, and they’ve removed […]

#Curvy banned by Instagram in crackdown on nudity

You are never far from a storm when it comes to social media policy, and the latest comes from Instagram, who have banned users from searching for the hashtag “curvy” as part of their crackdown on the amount of nudity that is posted on the social network. Instagram – who was purchased by Facebook in […]