Could Periscope fit into your marketing plans?

How can your company take advantage of Periscope and embed into a marketing plan? First of all if you haven’t yet come across it, Periscope is a live video streaming app created for IOS and Android.  The startup was purchased by Twitter for $100million in March 2015 who soon after relaunched the streaming service within […]

Brighton SEO April 2015 Round-up

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The low-down on this year’s BrightonSEO. RAD SEO returned to BrightonSEO for another great conference hosted by Kelvin Newman. The event was divided up into three main stages and Roundtables, which were sponsored by companies in the industry. Each panel had three speakers and were allocated twenty minutes each to give a presentation on their […]

Is Snapchat’s new ‘Discover’ feature a threat to Facebook and Twitter?

Social media hasn’t seen a momentous shake-up in a while, but the news that Snapchat recently released their ‘Discover’ feature could see significant changes in the world of social. Facebook and Twitter, long seen as being the go-to social networks for breaking news, are likely to sit up and take notice of Snapchat’s new feature, and […]

Social Media flourishing in 2015

For the past few years, there has been a great deal of debate over whether social media marketing is of great value to businesses or a complete waste of time. What is clear is that when brands do it the right way, it is never the latter. Social media has the potential to drive results […]

50 SEO experts to follow on Google+

Google+ SEO Experts Google+ launched mid-2011 and has seen a somewhat bumpy ride into 2015.  There has been some talk of it being dumped, but this is very unlikely anytime soon. In late 2013 Google reported 540 million ‘active’ users who had logged into at least 1 active service. At RAD SEO we not only enjoy […]

SEO changes and predictions for 2015

Anybody who has worked with search engine optimisation since 2011 will appreciate how much it has changed. With Google’s algorithm updates – and especially Panda and Penguin – SEO’s have had to raise their game and become more attuned to what the search engines are doing, and more importantly, how they operate within their guidelines. […]

3 Things the Dapper Laughs incident told us about social media

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If you’ve been anywhere near Twitter – or news websites – in the last few days, chances are you would have come across the name Dapper Laughs, a comedy character created by comic Daniel O’Reilly that went from social media sensation to TV star and finally to media whipping boy in an extremely short amount […]

Do you recognise these Facebook personalities?

For many people it can be easy to hide behind a ‘virtual persona’ and sometimes this is transparent in our social feeds.  Many of us spend hours communicating with friends and family via social media but there are times when individuals express character traits that we don’t usually associate with their personalities. Maybe this is […]

Why using multimedia will improve your SEO

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No matter what their field is, all business website owners have a range of simple goals – to boost traffic, capture the audience’s attention and convert visitors into potential customers.  Whilst achieving these goals every webmaster needs to keep in line with Google’s guidelines and provide interesting, creative and unique content to help improve SEO […]

Which famous alien are you?

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Have you ever felt a little bit different? At RAD SEO we work with many unique individuals. However have you ever considered if you were an alien which one you would be? We are breaking up the week with a little fun.  Take a look at the quiz below and discover your closest match. Which […]

10 reasons you need Google+ for your business

Google+ may be a relatively new kid on the block given that it was only launched three years ago, but it has rapidly become one of the most important tools for business online.  There is the obvious connection with search giant Google themselves but with this comes a wealth of benefits that can add value […]

The RAD SEO team get juicy

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Alien’s drink smoothies too… Sarah our in-house fitness freak and health guru entered the Bridges Cafe juice competition to ‘create a new juice’ to be sold in the cafe. After much lunch time discussion regarding what aliens would drink as well as what an alien would actually look like blended Sarah came up with the […]