Web design and UX

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A website is a place on the web – a junction – and the makeup of a site is itself a system with attributes that link to one another. A website creator needs to be able to adapt to the evolving web, which has trends emerging every year (this year it’s fashionable to have large […]

Create visitor journeys and improve UX

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If a user’s experience is their journey on your web page, then they need to stay on board or that ride is over. Maintaining people’s attention is the goal here, so that straying from the path can be avoided. Here are a few ideas to help that engagement. Attract First things first. Pull a user […]

Images are worth a thousand words on your website


Sometimes great content is just not enough! Images attract our attention, especially where social media is concerned. Everyone scrolls through Twitter and Facebook generally ignoring anything that doesn’t immediately grab their attention. Videos, infographics, and images encourage us to stop scrolling and engage with the image, even just momentarily. Visuals on your web page help […]

Facebook’s long lost twin found at last!

Are Twitter jumping on the Facebook bandwagon? From Tuesday the 8th of April, Twitter HQ started rolling out a major new layout design for user’s profiles. Although it may not be available at this moment for everyone, don’t worry it’ll soon be coming to you!  Our RAD SEO profile has already had the new design […]