Web design and UX

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A website is a place on the web – a junction – and the makeup of a site is itself a system with attributes that link to one another. A website creator needs to be able to adapt to the evolving web, which has trends emerging every year (this year it’s fashionable to have large […]

Become a rock star in the digital crowd

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How can you stand out amongst the digital noise? The digital space is awash with content, giving your audience more choice than ever before when it comes to spending their time online. With more content being produced every single day,  how do you make sure your content doesn’t get sucked into a publishing nirvana, or […]

Five Simple YouTube Tips

Uploading a video to the Internet is easier than ever before and using video giant YouTube it’s possible to make a video and upload it in a matter of minutes for all the world to see.  However to stand the best chance of your video being viewed there are a few simple YouTube tips that you should consider […]

11 Tips To Get Started With Social Media Marketing

When first starting to use social media in your business you may be wondering about how to get it to work for you.  I have put together a few quick pointers to help make your social media marketing work for you. Here are the 11 tips to get started with Social Media Marketing 1. Define your social goals […]

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

I thought I would just do a quick blog post on a few search engine optimisation (SEO) tips. I was being asked today by someone that called me to explain how SEO works and they were telling me they had done everything for their site to get it to number 1 on Google. In fact they […]

Simple SEO Tips

I was being asked today by someone to explain how Search engine optimisation (SEO) works and they were telling me they had done everything to get their site to number 1 on Google. The truth is they werent even being found on Page 1 of Google for their major key term.  There was one major […]