11 Tips To Get Started With Social Media Marketing

When first starting to use social media in your business you may be wondering about how to get it to work for you.  I have put together a few quick pointers to help make your social media marketing work for you.

Here are the 11 tips to get started with Social Media Marketing

1. Define your social goals — Make a note of your objectives, where you want it to go, how often you plan to communicate, do you have enough resources.

2. Build a web hub – Your website should be your main social launching platform.  From there you want to link to all of your social areas including your Facebook fan page, your blog, twitter page, and any other social networks that may be beneficial to your business.

3. Think before you talk – The internet has a long memory and stores information long after we go to bed at night so be careful what you say as people will judge you on this.

4. Price is not an issue — Most of the social tools on the internet, at their basic level, are free, you may choose to run them internally or get internet consultants like RAD SEO to manage them for you but run properly the return on investment can be huge.

5. Do what works for you – Not every social media area will work for your business, research and a bit of trial and error may be required as well as looking at what works for competitors.

6. Communicate and get social – Be helpful and contribute to other social pages with comments, help, advice, and information. If you write a blog…offer to write (guest post) or ask a good blogger if they would like to write on your blog. Stay friendly and be seen as an expert on your subject.

7. Involve SEO for the people, not the bots – Unless you are an expert try not to spend too much time writing and editing SEO content or you will lose the real reason you are writing your post. Concentrate on generating good content first for humans and second for the search engines.

8. Set aside the time you can afford – Restrict the amount of time you are getting social so it doesn’t take over your life, be warned it can get addictive.

9. Don’t spam everyone – There’s nothing worse than someone who tries to sell in every comment and every blog post they create, it’s boring and people will tire of you. Get to know your audience and slip in the odd message about a service or a review on a product but don’t overdo the sales patter.

10.Not everyone is going to like you – As much as you want to feel the love from everyone it’s just not going to happen. Remember the saying “you can please some the people all of the time” and “all of the people some of the time but you cannot please all of the people all of the time'”.

11. Don’t just talk about it take action  – Nearly all companies need a social media presence to improve their marketing reach no matter what their size.  Social Marketing is for everyone.  My companies set up and talk about or set up and do nothing with it as they don’t know what to do.  Remember your competitive advantage may come from actually doing something rather than just talking about it.  This is 2010, don’t let your companies marketing get left behind.

There are lots more tips for using Social Media Marketing for your business than these and I will do another post at a later date, but this will help get you started and thinking about what social media is doing for you.  Feel free to add your tips or comments.

RAD SEO Cambridge SEO specialists are happy to assist with any company looking to pick up the social bug, it’s fun, receptive, addictive, cost-effective, and could generate you that next customer.

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