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Why Use Our Link Penalty Recovery Service?

The RAD Google penalty recovery service is an in depth process to remove potentially harmful backlinks that have caused a website to have a decline in traffic and lowered ranking. Our in depth analysis enables us to provide a report to Google to request harmful backlinks not to be considered against your website profile.


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Ranking or Traffic Dropping?

Is Your Google Ranking Dropping Across A Number Of Key Phrases?
If you have seen a big drop in rankings in a short space of time there is a good chance that you have been effected by a Google penalty due to bad offsite search engine optimisation.
You should take action as soon as possible if you suspect that Google may have devalued your site in the search engines.

Do You Need To Have A Penalty To Clean Up Backlinks?

NO, in fact keeping an eye on your backlink profile is an important part of your website maintenance. However if you notice traffic decline or ranking dropping then backlinks may be one of the causes of this.

At RAD SEO we can identify an algorithm update which may have negatively impacted your site and begin the process to clean up your backlink profile if rogue backlinks are present. 

Link Audit & Recovery Process

Site Review

We’ll begin by learning your websites history and reasons for the link removal. This may include any reports from agencies and any other link building you or other third parties have carried out over a period of time.

backlink extraction

We use a large number of sources to extra the link data including your Google Webmaster tools. This helps show us the historical link data as well as new and current links.

Link Quality Analysis

We review all of the backlinks using a number of different factors. We grade these placing them in an order of priority so that we can review the most dangerous links first, moving onto those that we deem as suspicious and potentially harmful.

Removal Of Backlinks

We contact the webmasters of the sites where the bad links reside to request removal on your behalf. We monitor responses and follow up with each webmaster several times if we do not get a reply, we will also look for additional contact details or use a contact form if one is present. We will also use phone, numbers, Skype or other contact methods if available and required. Each webmaster is different and although most remove links for free there are some that will only remove a link for an ‘admin fee’ we will review these and any other webmaster demands with you.


We use our knowledge and skills to recommend the links that should be removed with a view to sourcing the contact details of the initial selection of data.

Removal Report

At the end of each month we provide details of links removed, webmasters that have been contacted including the dates of contact. Additional webmaster requests for payment including fee will be included in the report.

Disavow File

We provide a disavow file in the correct format that can be submitted to Google via your webmaster tools. The file is a request to Google to no longer associate the bad backlinks from individual pages or whole domains with your website.

Reconsideration Request

If the penalty received has been a manual one we provide additional screenshots of online forms and email conversations and replies to use as part of a reconsideration request.

Different Types Of Google Penalties

We’ll begin by learning your websites history and reasons for the link removal. This may include any reports from agencies and any other link building you or other third parties have carried out over a period of time.

Other issues

There may be other issues with the content on the site that may be duplicated or over optimised but as part of our service we will review this and let you know what may need editing, removing or canonical links putting in place etc. We will review any google updates and messages with drops in traffic from Google to clarify the cause of the problem.

Google Best Practices

Google states we recommend that you remove as many spammy or low-quality links from the web as possible.

They need to see that every effort is being made to clean up your backlink profile prior to submitting a disavow request

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waiting for recovery

How long the recovery takes will depend on how a number of factors including the amount of toxic backlinks and how severe the penalty.

For many websites there may only need to be one disavow request and in other cases there may be several as part of the reconsideration request. In most cases once the first reconsideration request is submitted the website is ready to begin its recovery process and may recover in full. There are no guarantees on how long this will take as we are still at the mercy of Google. However the removal of toxic links is essential to prevent the site losing any further ranking and traffic and is this is the only way to move forward and prevent further negative impact to your site particularly as the algorithm updates may become more targeted and aggressive towards toxic and spammy backlinks.

There may instances where you know you have carried out some spammy backlink practices and you want to find the toxic links and disavow them before Google devalues them and impacts your site, you can contact us to get started on this.

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