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Technical SEO Analysis To Uncover And Fix Problems That May Be Impacting Ranking And Performance.

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The first step in establishing the best course of action for your website is a full deep dive SEO audit to check that your website is configured technically to maximise performance.

The website audit will enable us to see how your current site is structured, your landing page quality, keyword distribution and technical configuration we also review analytics setup, user experience, CMS improvements and other factors influencing your search visibility.


SEO Audit features

Report and Actions

You will be provided with a website audit report that outlines recommended website updates that you should make to increase performance and indexing of pages.  We prepare audit reviews manually so these are not just a generic software generated report.

SEO Audit Fees will be based on the size of your website and the depth of the review as well as other factors like if it requires an e-commerce review.  Websites with a large number of pages or products can take more time to review due to complexities with content duplication, canonicalisation, image optimisation, low quality pages and broken links, these are just some of the common observations we find during e-commerce audits.

During our Cambridge SEO audit we take a comprehensive look at your website, searching for any issues that could be detrimental to your search visibility or landing pages that could be improved through changes to technical elements or content edits.  We will review historical traffic to highlight any potential algorithmic or manual actions that we feel may have negatively impacted search engine ranking.

We include a review of your Google analytics and Google Search Console which includes looking at integration with your XML sitemap, robots.txt and other settings and functions to track goals, conversions, page indexing and monitor technical issues.

If you are interested in improving website SEO performance please contact us to request an SEO audit quote and see how we can support the development of your SEO plans.

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