Facebook Look Back part of birthday celebrations

So Facebook has decided to bless us with some cheesy videos to celebrate its 10th birthday! Mr Zuckerberg decided to mark this occasion with a video of each Facebook users 15 most popular comments, photos and shares with a happy go lucky tune to capture those so called special moments.

Although the ‘Look Back’ feature is personalised to each user, some users will find that the photos that are shared are maybe not the special ones you would have picked yourself. So expect a few of them photos you happily forgot about and locked away in your ‘private’ albums to creep up or even worse some cringey unwanted shared photos with a past flame (oh yes you know the ones you thought you’d deleted yonks ago).  For many though that have got married or had babies there will be some nicely captured moments to add a few smiles for families and friends.

If like me, you have had some problems with seeing your video and instead have seen 6 photos from your albums, then have no fear. Facebook have been reported to be on the case, you should be able to access yours very soon at www.facebook.com/lookback.

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