Google Adwords app launches on Android

It took some time, but on March 4, 2015, Google released their Adwords app to Android customers, and is now live and available for download via the Google Play store.

The release of the app serves as the first time that the search engine giant has launched an app for monitoring and managing Adwords campaigns via smartphones and tablets, and based on the screenshots available via the Google BlogSpot announcement, the app is likely to be a hit with Adwords users around the world.

From the moment you launch the app, you are faced with a Dashboard that features your impressions, clicks, click-through rate and more, including cost and conversions. You can also change your settings to view metrics by ad group, day and what device is being used to create those results. The app also gives you the power to update and adjust your bids, budget and view any campaign suggestions sent to you via the Google Adwords team, which you can activate or ignore based on your preference. There is also the opportunity to call a Google expert directly from the app via your smartphone or tablet, which is another great addition to the apps list of features.

Good news for iOS users (who will be reading this and shrugging their shoulders whilst shouting “what about us?” at their iPhones) is that an Apple version is currently being produced. Before people start complaining about this, take a moment to give it some thought: Google were always going to release the app to their Android customers first, so have a little patience.

What are the benefits of downloading the Google Adwords app on your smartphone?

These days, it can often seem like apps are being created and released just for the sake of it, but Google Adwords is a little different, and a welcome addition to the app market. Here are a few reasons that Adwords customers should definitely be downloading the app onto their mobile devices:

24/7 support and access

Business owners can use their smartphone or tablet to ask for support from Google experts, rather than stressing out about their campaigns and losing sleep over something that can be sorted out right there and then.

Around the clock access is the biggest benefit to small, medium and large businesses. Owners and managers will now be able to access their Google Adwords account at any time of the day or night. You won’t have to come into the office to see your campaign, or squint your eyes to view the regular Adwords site on a smartphone or tablet. The app is designed to make sure that everything you need can be viewed and managed with the best possible functionality for customers.

Update, pause and delete

The ability to update, pause or delete your campaigns as and when you decide is a great asset to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and it also gives you the chance to seize an opportunity the second you spot it. For example, if you see that you are getting more impressions on a certain day, you can adjust your budget or make changes to your ad the second you notice it.

The Google Adwords app is putting power into the hands of its customers. Literally.

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