Google Penguin is Back to Bite SEO Companies

Online marketing executives, webmasters and SEO practitioners take note – experts are saying that SEO will be taking a big hit with the upcoming Google Penguin update.

Speaking last week at the SES San Francisco conference, Google’s Search Quality superhero Matt Cutts said that the update would be “jarring and jolting” for SEO marketing practitioners (sounds nasty).

Google never reveals everything, in fact, most of the changes in the Google algorithm are discovered once they are underway. Matt Cutts from Google is always a great source for providing inside updates on what the search giant is up to.

There is now talk that new signals are going to change as part of the ongoing Penguin update. This as usual sends all us SEO consultants stir crazy, but for me it is nothing more than a similar excitement to signing a new player for my football team before the season kicks off. What I mean is if your team already has a good foundation, has been well trained, behaves well and can perform consistently you shouldn’t have any problems. If you have been relying on 1 or two players limiting your SEO strategy and playing dirty on the field then you could be kicked off the park.

Ok so I may have gone off on one about football but the principles are there, good SEO strategy, natural backlink consistency, multiple quality backlink resources, unique fresh content then you are your way to surfing right past the sinking penguin websites. The Penguin update has been around a little while, but it is certainly evolving and sweeping up bad practice SEO along the way, the next few Penguin updates could be very involved, with greater impact on SEO than previous rounds of updates.

If you are concerned that you have not been following the right practices then contact RAD SEO or your local SEO company and start making the fixes to Penguin proof your site or face the Google punishment that could be coming your way.

By Zak Jacobs

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