Google Wonder Wheel For Keyword Research

Everyone working on an SEO campaign will be carrying out keyword research at the start of a campaign and if you have been working with SEO for a while or are being advised you will know how important this is.  However with the search engines constant battle to understand information from language semantics, it’s important to know what keywords are going to have a positive effect for your website and understand whether or not they should appear.

Over the years the search engines have processed never ending quantities of data from indexing the web, in fact, they have what is surely the largest ever repository on how language is used. This has enabled Google to understand the types of words that are related and apply this across a keyword ranking process

With literally hundreds of tools out there for keyword research (I should know I feel like I’ve tried most of them) still one of the most often overlooked for semantic research is Google’s wonder wheel and I think half the reason for this is that people just do not know about it and due to its poor take up Google gazumped it (but it can be found).

Wonder Wheel tip, if you want to give it a try go to Google.com/preferences and turn off instant search then save your preferences. Just like magic Wonder Wheel will appear again under the more search tools on the left-hand column.

It also has to be one of the easiest to use keyword research tools.  You simply enter in a keyword term and Google will provide you with a selection of keywords that are suitably semantically related. When you then look to include these keyword phrases on your website pages ‘where relevant’ you are helping to educate the search engines about the topic of your website and are more likely to get keyword focused results and SERP’s from the search engines, why not give it a go today?

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