Using Negative Keywords For SEO

Negative is the new Positive. Well, this post came about after looking into in a number of different searches and looking into a bit of keyword spinning. I feel inspired to write a few words whilst feeling positive about something ‘negative’.

There are a lot of ways that marketers these days look to target their audience especially as we continue to enhance and grow our digital strategies with a bit of thinking outside the box.

By choosing the right keyword phrasing, you could tick the boxes to entice a potential customer to your website, where they may buy your product, sign up for your service and earn you some profit. Targeting negative keywords is one way to get some extra online traffic to your website.

Is there any benefit to targeting negative keywords

If you are going to use targeted negative keywords to attract the masses in the search engines, it’s a good idea to target searchers who are ready to purchase as opposed to those who are just browsing. This negative keyword approach often finds the users who are being indecisive or sitting on the fence about buying a product. I’ve even done it myself when aligning products alongside each other to compare.

One widely used way to attract people is to use the word “scam”.

The word ‘scam’ is often used by….you’ve guessed it, scammers!

If you are not sure about a product or it seems to good to be true then you can type in the word ‘scam’ online followed by the product and see what pops up. I actually do this with phone numbers when I get ‘dodgy phone calls to see if their number has been reported.

How can you make the most of the word ‘scam’

You can use it in front of other keywords, you need to use it wisely and follow up closely with your sales pitch to convince the buyer into making a purchase.

• Asking the question in the intro, meta description, and article titles of blogs and maybe social media pages: “Is ___ a scam? And “Does ____ really work?” ….(you will find a lot of marketers use the word ‘scam’ so if you can think of something similar it may be worth using like ‘is product X worth it?’ or maybe ‘is product X up to the job?’)

• Use the words scam and “does it work” as anchor text links in article directories pointing to your review or landing page.

• Dispel the scam question in a paragraph or two of your sales copy and use the chosen keywords in an H2 or H3 heading.

• You can review your “scam” keyword statistics to see if you’re getting traffic and whether or not that traffic is converting. This will enable you to alter your copy to improve those results or replicate what is working well.There have been many campaigns that have worked well for the word ‘scam’ and there are other negative keywords that you can take advantage of when you think about it and digg deeper.

The questions “does it really work…” or “is it worth it…” help buyers decide and determine if something is a scam and get those sitting on the fence to put their hands in their pockets and maybe be your next customer.

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