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mobile local 01 01 - SEO

Why small companies need local SEO

Small companies often misunderstand the impact that SEO can have for business in their local area.  Companies can often struggle to make an impression with …


Google Penguin 3.0 arrived over the weekend

What does Penguin 3.0 mean for you The march of the penguin continues, only this time it comes in the shape of Google’s Penguin 3.0 …

google panda header - SEO

How to Recover if You’ve Been Hit by Google Panda 4.1

Google’s Panda update has been the scourge of website owners and online businesses since it was first rolled out in February 2011. In the following …

design and content red alien - SEO

Quality content the perfect partner for SEO

One of the biggest online marketing ‘buzz phrases’ over the last decade has been ‘SEO’, the abbreviation for search engine optimisation. Companies have been discovering …

social media failing

Are you setting yourself up for an SEO Fail?

If you’re unfamiliar to SEO strategies then it’s understandable that you’d want to enlist the help of the professionals to maximise your website’s profile and …

vividq mobile - SEO

Why optimising for mobile is essential for your business

The majority of internet searches are now being conducted from mobile devices, yet a staggering 34% of UK businesses still haven’t optimised their websites for …

Risks associated with offshore SEO?

You may have got to the stage where you have developed or upgraded your website and are now considering the online marketing options.  A key …