Pimp Up Your Pinterest Campaign

Pinterest is the current scapbooking drug of choice for millions of users sharing images across the globe.  Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboards whilst allowing others to view and interact with them.

What many don’t realise is how Pinterest can also be used as a valuable tool for business.  Pinterest allows search bots to crawl the site and the masses of data users have pinned so boards can show up in Google search results.  Simple editing with a company profile can improve your Pinterest page to get extra user interest.  There are also a few other tips you can follow to really pimp up your Pinterest campaign.

Time to Get Pin Happy:

    > Link your website to your profile. You will see the globe icon in your profile area of Pinterest which will link back to your site.
    > Make sure you have Pinterest set up on your mobile or iPhone so you can use it on the go.  Never miss a chance to pin something ‘on the move’.  Don’t wait until you’re back in the office.
    > Remember to insert a short caption with images and include a key phrase where relevant.  No need for long details, these can go in the comment section.
    > Your pins represent you and your business so its ok to put a few of you competing in the local pub quiz but don’t forget to post images associated with you brand, industry, products and services.  You are shaping the way people see you.
    > Different boards can be used for different customer types and viewers, particularly useful for those with multiple different niches that they market to.
    > When naming your boards consider a selection of keywords spread naturally across the titles of the different boards.
    > Are you into hashtags on Twitter, try using them on Pinterest to make it easier for users to find your topics.
    > Keep it real…by that I mean remember Pinterest is for sharing  and having fun.  If you become too hard core with self promotion and advertising you may be bending the rules and annoy users following you.  Spam isn’t good for anyone.
    > Don’t forget to add a pin-it button to your website and Pinterest icon link to your board.
    > Engage with others, follow boards, share pins and get an SEO boost from others interacting with you.
    > Link a variety of your ‘pins’ to your website and ‘pin’ content you publish on other sites, this will help drive more traffic to your website.

Hopefully this has given you a few tips to get you started on Pinterest and to pimp up your campaign.

If you let us know your Pinterest site then we will follow.  Enjoy pinning but be warned it can get addictive!!

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