Do you recognise these Facebook personalities?

For many people it can be easy to hide behind a ‘virtual persona’ and sometimes this is transparent in our social feeds. 

Many of us spend hours communicating with friends and family via social media but there are times when individuals express character traits that we don’t usually associate with their personalities. Maybe this is bought on by the comfort of sitting behind a pc or device or maybe they just see social media as an escape route for their alter ego? So with one side we adapt to real world environments and the other personality often saved for the internet, in particular social media.

Of course we’re all perfect and we don’t have any behavioural issues on social media….or are we just switched off when it comes our own social media behaviour?

The RAD SEO team came up with more than 30 different types of Facebook personalities from a discussion in the office and we’ve listed the best of these in our Facebook infographic.

How many of these online personalities can you recognise? Is one yourself?

Social Media Personalities Red Alien - SEO

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