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Cambridge based SEO agency RAD SEO have launched a new Video Marketing service to complement the existing work being done on search engine optimisation for clients.

Video has become an important part of the digital marketing mix in the last few years, with the likes of YouTube and Vimeo providing businesses the outlet to release video content into the world without the need for a Hollywood budget for TV advertising.

Businesses are also aware that to showcase their skills, knowledge and expertise, they have to show this in more creative ways than simply listing their accomplishments on their website alongside their other content.

Video marketing can consist of viral ads, whiteboard videos, client testimonials, training videos and corporate promotional materials, and these are all services that RAD SEO are providing as part of their Video Marketing services and packages.

“Video activity on the web is still growing fast and we have seen a big increase in demand so its only natural to launch video service to complement our existing SEO services,” said RAD SEO’s Managing Director Zak Jacobs.  “We have bought an experienced video director into the team which will enable us work on the right mix of creativity and functionality to suit client needs and their SEO campaigns”.

“From everything to Gangnam Style to Natalie Portman’s rap, videos can have a worldwide audience of billions, due to the pulling power of YouTube and the ability to share these videos across social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.”

“But aside from the cool, viral video content, businesses can build awareness and trust with customers by showing what they do, who they are and the working environment they work in through such a powerful and visual medium. Customers can watch a video and not have to work about a businesses legitimacy and quality again.”

YouTube has over one billion unique monthly visits, and is used by everyone from businesses launching new products and sharing TED Talks, artists releasing music videos and film companies releasing trailers for their latest blockbusters.

People flock to these videos in their millions, and RAD SEO want to help companies get in on the action. Check out the comprehensive list of Video Marketing services at: https://www.radseo.co.uk/video-marketing/

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