SEO Snow Problem at RAD SEO

Ok so across the UK we see the beautiful white flakes of snow falling but does that really mean that everyone working across the UK should come to a stand still? Well in some cases ‘yes’ but not for RAD SEO. I turn breakfast TV on to see cars skidding on ice, people sleeping on motorways, kids off school and thousonds twiddling thumbs at home which has a big impact on companies productivity.

At RAD SEO, we carry on working and delivering search engine optimisation and online marketing results all year long what ever the weather. We are contactable by phone, email, skype and social media, in fact we do not make excuses for not delivering results, we just get on and do it.

Some of the best snow stories this week

Do not do what this lady did and dial 999 to report a snowman stolen, see the story here. During the call the woman said: “It ain’t a nice road but you don’t expect someone to nick your snowman.”

Where Have All The Snowmen Gone? find out from SKY here

Amid all the misery, Britons enjoy the lighter side of the big freeze, see what us Brits have been up to in the snow

RAD SEO are experts with local search engine optimisation what ever the weather, we carry out Cambridge SEO in our local area but can also work on campaigns anywhere due to the extended reach of our services. Our costs are very competitive and our results speak for themselves.

If it stays like this for the weekend I will be building snowmen and joining in the fun. If you are looking for a consultant to work on your SEO project then get in touch with RAD SEO as the weather really is snow problem for us over the winter period (we do bad comedy as well).

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