Tour de France hits Cambridge

It’s been a great day for Cambridge today, as the world’s biggest cycling event started in Cambridge city center for Stage three of Le Tour De France. It’s been weeks of planning and preparation in Cambridge and surrounding villages but finally, the day arrived for the spectacular once in a life time chance to watch the event through whizz through Cambridge and surrounding villages!

This is the 101st Tour de France, it began on the Saturday the 5th Of July from Leeds to Harrogate the second stage they reached York to Sheffield on a hard-fought stage on Sunday the 6th of July. After making their way through Cambridge the plethora of riders will be finishing at an iconic Buckingham palace with a huge awaiting audience this afternoon. The entire race will cover a staggering 3’500 km and will be watched worldwide with an audience of 3.5 billion people!

The RAD SEO team took a couple of hours off to go and support the athletes and see them at their best! After the sad news about Mark Cavendish not being able to continue, we wanted to be behind our UK cyclists as well as all the other teams and nations! (Get well soon Cav!)

We found our space in Great Shelford (Just outside Cambridge) and lined up with thousands of spectators watching from both sides of the streets. With much anticipation, we waited for the riders to zoom through and managed to capture some great images…I think there will be plenty more getting on there bikes over the next few days and why not, great to keep fit, lovely weather, and Cambridgeshire area has some of the best scenic views for a bike ride.

Good luck to the riders for the rest of the Tour, I will keep my eyes peeled for highlights on the TV.

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