WordPress Still Rocks and Here’s Why


So you’re considering a new website and you’ve heard through the grapevine that WordPress is the system to use? Like all important business decisions, opinions are easy to find, but hard facts are what you need.

Well, thanks to the fact that WordPress has been around for over ten year’s there are many supporting statistics that will give you more food for thought than you can possibly imagine.

With a share of over 50% of the global CMS market, WordPress runs 28% of the websites you see on the internet. Even large brands such as Mashable, TechCrunch and the Metro use the system. But if this still doesn’t convince you, we’ve listed ten reasons you need to use WordPress.

 1) It’s User-Friendly

As a digital presence is now business-critical the last thing you want to do is fear changing the smallest feature on your website in case it crashes.

This fear will be completely eradicated when you adopt WordPress.

With WordPress adding and editing your website has been made completely user-friendly thanks to its dashboard. Navigating and finding the area you wish to amend could not be easier.

Once you have downloaded WordPress you can instantly begin adding pages and publish your entire site within a matter of hours.

The system really is simple, and once you’ve got to grips with it you will be forever thinking about new features you can add.

2) You don’t need any technical knowledge

Many people are of the belief that in order to manage and maintain a website you need to understand HTML or CSS, but this is not the case if you follow a basic WordPress theme.  You may, however, need developer support once a theme starts being customised or if you are looking to build your own theme from scratch.

You don’t need to be a developer for an out of the box theme, and you certainly don’t need any qualifications in digital marketing. The simplicity of the system ensures that most people can pick it up and begin using it. From your local florist right up to a large corporation, there are businesses all over the world using it.  This explains why WordPress is the fastest growing CMS system, with roughly 500+ new websites being built daily out of the top 10million websites.

3) It offers good security

Data protection and security is paramount to ensure that your business is acting legally and protecting both your customers and your company. Since the introduction of GDPR, security has become an increasing issue for business owners, and it’s a practice that must be followed through to your website.

As WordPress has a high-security standard you can feel assured that your business and visiting customers are protected with a well-maintained site.

There are numerous security measures which WordPress developers have put in place to preserve the trust of its users, and there are regular updates that help to continuously support the integrity of protection provided.

4) You have control

It can be quite frustrating when you want a quick change on your website but require a developer to book it in and change it in the next few weeks. In that time people will have visited your website and the change could potentially have lost you business enquiries.

Costing time and money this entire process is removed with WordPress, as you are in control.

The system is what’s known as Open-Source, which means its free to download, install and use; leaving it completely in your hands of how often you update it or change it.

Wave goodbye to paying bills for ‘quick fixes’ that you can now do yourself.

5) It’s free

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to use WordPress for commercial or personal use, the system is completely free. There is no difference in service no matter your reason for using the system.

As WordPress has many developers across the world working to improve it, even the new features and security updates cost you nothing.

When you become part of WordPress you also become part of a community where you can gain support and guidance for free.

With so much on offer, it is by far the most cost-effective CMS platform to use for your website.

6) You have complete flexibility  

Whether you’re looking to create an e-commerce website to sell products, a service-focused portfolio website, or simply a blog; as WordPress has over 500,000+ plugins available in its official directory you can create any type of website.

This flexibility offers you the opportunity to build something that is unique and bespoke to your needs, while also remaining user-friendly. All the plugins you download can be managed in the same dashboard, allowing you to continue to play with your website with ease.

7) It’s scalable

Websites are not something you create and then leave. They should be in a constant state of adaptation. Not only enhancing your user’s needs but also transitioning with your business. How it looks one year, may differ in another.

Trends change, seasons change and so must a website.

With this in mind, WordPress makes it easy for you to scale your website depending on what you need to change.

Themes are easy to install and adapt to make your rebranding an efficient process and with the addition of plugins and extensions, you can quickly change the functionality of your website without having to bring in a costly developer.

Once you have WordPress you don’t need to go through the exhausting process of completely rebuilding a new website from scratch every few years.

8) The search engines love it

SEO is the lifeblood that gets your website recognised in search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and WordPress is highly effective at providing a user-friendly approach to this essential feature.

Due to WordPress being written using high-quality code and semantic markup, it makes your website look attractive to search engines. Couple this with plugins that guide you through setting up your SEO such as Yoast, and you have a powerful website that is ready to be found by search engines.

Even Google over the years has recommended WordPress, with ex-Google Engineer Matt Cutts saying, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues”.

If improving your search engine visibility is on your marketing checklist, a WordPress website will definitely help you get there.

9) Has multi-user capabilities

While many CMS platforms may only allow you to have one user per subscription, WordPress enables you to have as many authorised users on your website as you need.

For companies and large corporations, this is ideal if multiple people have to write blog posts or manage a particular service such as leads etc.

WordPress also simplifies the management of these users, so that if you only wish for people to write blogs without editing the core content of the website, this can be actioned. Access levels can be modified quickly and easily on the dashboard allowing you to have complete control over all personnel.

10) It’s easy to learn

If the idea of getting technical is what’s putting you off adopting WordPress, then you need to understand just how easy it is to learn. The very reason WordPress is so popular is that it’s easy to use.

There are now hundreds of articles, video tutorials, and forums that can give you support and guidance without being overwhelmed by technical jargon.  A basic WordPress site built with a modern out of the box theme should be easy and most provide support or support forums.

Plus, the vast community of WordPress users makes it simple to gain answers to any queries and find useful articles that will point you in the right direction.

WordPress is used on a global scale, so no matter what you get stuck with, someone will have the answer.

At RAD SEO when even when we build custom WordPress sites for clients we enable them to be easily updated and edited by clients.  It’s important not to underestimate the need to have technical support on hand if you need it and to make sure the site plugins and version updates are maintained.


There are many more features that we could emphasize about WordPress, but we feel these ten points truly show the power of the platform.  Don’t forget to check your host is able to effectively host and run a fast WordPress website.  There are thousands of hosting options out there so make sure yours is up to scratch.

The most important thing to realise with adopting WordPress is that you have control of what you are creating, and as a business, this can massively improve your efficiency and bottom line.

 Wordpress Still Rocks!

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