Aliens falling for Shakespeare

We were invited to a private screening of Muse of Fire Film at BAFTA on Sunday and I was elated to see what these two film makers have achieved.  The film is talked about as a unique feature documentary that will change the way you feel about Shakespeare forever and it does just that and so much more.
Muse of Fire has taken over 5 years to complete and we have been lucky enough to follow the film making duo since the very early days when it was just ideas and experimental.  The film journey is both hilarious and at times moving as the duo drive around the globe in a beaten up car alongside copious supplies of crisps and sweets.

Dan Poole and Giles Terera speak with members of the public as well as an array of stars from stage and screen including Dame Judi Dench, Ewan McGregor, Sir Ian McKellen, Jude Law, Tom Hiddleston to name just a few.
There is so much talk of Shakespeare’s language and how people relate to his words. The fear and understanding of Shakespeare often stems from how people were introduced to the historic writer in the first place.  I for one remember being at school when we were given a Shakespeare play to read and not realising these old stories could be represented in modern times with the way we feel and think about people and situations.

For me I relate to story telling when writing content on the web, it needs to engage the reader, they need to feel like they can take away something but they must interpret the writing style to understand and enjoy the content.
There are some great lines in the film including Harold Bloom who says “There was never anyone like Shakespeare before him and there has never been anyone like him since” and Dame Judy Dench later says “If you wrote those words you’d be looking at yourself in the mirror all night wouldn’t you.”

RAD SEO came on board to advise and set up the social media side of the project and have provided ongoing web consultancy. We were just one of a number of individuals and companies that gave there time up for free to help this huge project complete it’s journey. We look forward to getting involved further as the film gets closer to its festival appearances and BBC launch in September 2013. A big thank you to Dan and Giles for the RAD SEO mention and logo in the screening film credits.

So if you are bored of documentaries attempting to glamorise the traveling community or telling us how we are all too fat then keep your eyes peeled for this enlightening little gem that is entertaining, interesting, funny and may change the way you see Shakespeare forever.

Muse of Fire Film: www.museoffirefilm.co.uk
Twitter: twitter.com/museoffirefilm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/museoffire
Finally Bayliss & Harding who sponsored the film screening left some very large goodie bags so much so my shoulder had indentations in it by the time I’d lugged it on tubes and trains from London to Cambridge, but thanks we will be smelling great for months!

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