101 Of The Top SEO & Marketing Blogs To Follow


Marketing is a diverse arena with many elements, which means when it comes to getting the best information about your marketing, you need to know where to go.

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of the top one hundred and one marketing blogs you simply have to follow if you want to get serious with your marketing efforts.

So whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie to the world of marketing, let us give you the inside scoop on where the best information can be found, no matter the subject.

Blogs are given in no particular order….



SEO doesn’t need to be hard to understand thanks to the knowledge hubs we’ve found. Whether you want to know how to form an SEO strategy, improve ranking or optimise onsite performance, these blogs and publications are your stepping stones to education in SEO.



Combining sector-specific insight with general marketing knowledge, the SEMrush blog is a must-visit destination for all marketers. Whether in-house or agency-based, there is a wealth of knowledge and insight to be found. Plus with additional video content from experts in their fields, there’s a fresh approach to some of the big topics in digital marketing.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/semrush


We love anything that’s practical when it comes to SEO and digital marketing, so it’s no wonder that Ahrefs diverse blog is a space we feel all marketers should make a regular pit stop.

With case studies, detailed tutorials and opinion pieces from industry experts, Ahrefs enable all marketers to put learning into action.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/ahrefs

Distilled Now Brainlabs

Distilled are an SEO agency turned SEO educator who merged with another SEO agency Brainlabs in 2020.  Brainlabs now not only teach SEO best practice but regularly write about the biggest search trends.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/distilled


Brian Dean is a notorious SEO influencer who believes in actionable SEO that can produce real results. The Backlinko blog is his brainchild, and you can find his latest insights and guidance to improve your SEO. And you don’t need to be a pro!

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/backlinko

Google Search Central

The Google Search Central Blog is where you can find official Google Search core algorithm updates, announcements of new Google Search features, and SEO best practices. Everything from Core Web Vitals to Search Spam information is available.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/googlesearchc

Search Engine Watch

For all things, SEO Search Engine Watch is a hot spot for industry professionals that want an insider’s guide to the algorithms and updates. Ideally for those who already have some basic knowledge of SEO, Search Engine Watch provides tips, news updates and insight analysis.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/sewatch


It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to SEO or a seasoned marketing professional, the Moz blog has everything you need to get to grips with what’s trending in the marketing realm. A particular highlight has to be their whiteboard Friday videos which are clear and concise guidance that anyone can absorb.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/moz

Search Engine Roundtable

With features and insights from some of the most recognised names in search engine marketing, the Search Engine Roundtable reports on the most interesting conversations happening in the online forums. It’s most certainly for those marketers who are looking for depth and insight.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/seroundtable

Yoast SEO

As almost every man and his dog is using the Yoast tool within WordPress, it’s no surprise that Yoast’s popular marketing blog features within the list. Ideal for new marketers who want a better understanding of technical SEO and content marketing, the blog covers a multitude of marketing topics.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/yoast


While it may not be as common as the big named SEO blogs, Wordtracker’s blog provides practical guides from seasoned marketing professionals. Covering a variety of topics from technical SEO, local search listing to content marketing, no matter what you’re trying to swat upon, there’s a post for you.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/wordtracker


RAD SEO has been writing on SEO and digital marketing topics since 2012. They bring features that span across the marketing and SEO spectrum including technical advice and hands-on tips for visitors. RAD takes a practical approach to all topics so you’re not overwhelmed by jargon, but instead come away feeling like you’re in the know.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/radseo


Geared more towards agencies and experienced marketers, the Woorank blog not only provides SEO and marketing insights but also business advice for professionals. Whether you’re freelance or a growing agency, it’s well worth adding them to your reading list.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/woorank

Search Engine Land

As one of the most recognised SEO blogs on the web, Search Engine Land should be read every morning with breakfast. Full of trends, data-led insight, and in-depth analysis from industry experts, Search Engine Land has its finger firmly on the marketing pulse.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/sengineland

Search Engine Journal

Whether you have decades of experience or you’re new completely new to SEO and digital marketing, the Search Engine Journal covers everything from basic know-how to in-depth knowledge. As all their contributors are also highly established in their respective fields, you can find guidance and knowledge from the very best in the marketing world.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/sejournal

Search Metrics

While not exclusive to experienced markets, the Search Metrics blog definitely has more technical content which is aimed at those who have perhaps been in the industry for at least a few years. There is some useful beginners guide, but these are few and far between, so we’d recommend this for those marketers who want to take their knowledge to the next level.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/searchmetrics

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO has a team of marketing professionals within their armoury, which means their blog provides incredibly detailed and insight-driven content. While there is a combination of intermediate and advanced information, this blog most definitely leans towards supporting more seasoned marketing professionals.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/@cognitiveSEO

Built Visible

As an agency that prides themselves on their organic rankings, the Builtvisible blog is a knowledge hub of information on all aspects of marketing that can enable websites to gain a better position in the search engines. There are many technical SEO insights, but there are also extremely helpful and practical features that guide marketers on improving their outreach and content marketing. Overall, this blog is a good all-rounder to keep in touch with.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/Builtvisible

The SEM Post

Predominantly a news-based blog, the SEM post issues updates about all the trends that are happening and reports on the major algorithm changes. Even the ones that Google hasn’t publicly shouted about. With this mind, SEM Post is certainly a news-worthy publication that keeps marketers well aware of what’s going on.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/TheSEMPost/

James Hubbard Consulting

James has been an SEO consultant since 2002 and regularly writes for other established SEO publishers around his experience and experiments in the SEO realm. In particular James often writes about CRO and the benefits of SEO audits.

Follow James on Twitter >  https://twitter.com/jameshubbardseo 


All Marketing

The following publications and blogs cover a wide variety of marketing topics, from SEO to content marketing. 


Salesforce has long dominated as the software solution to increase sales, so it’s no surprise they like to support businesses in providing fresh insight into all areas of marketing to support customer conversions.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/marketingcloud


As well as creating practical and insightful features spanning across social media and email marketing, Hubspot also has a library of free resources which are ideal for beginners to the marketing realm. When there’s free knowledge you just can’t say no!

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/HubSpot

Adobe Experience

Adobe is a brand leader in the creative sector, which means their blog does not disappoint.

While ideally for experienced professionals in the marketing industry, the blog provides data-led features on a broad mix of marketing topics, but also provides customer experience features. No matter what your position you’ll definitely learn something from keeping up to date with this blog.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/Adobe


Topical and trending features are key on the Marketo blog, which means as a marketer you can understand the impact of marketing on some of the world’s biggest campaigns. They do also feature practical, and ‘how-to’ features, but the real gem on this blog is their analysis of large campaigns which enables you to get a real insight.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/marketo


Managing content isn’t easy, which is why CoSchedule is a truly practical blog for those who have the role of managing content and coming up with new content ideas. While it does cover a variety of marketing topics, its onus is on preventing marketing teams from being disorganised.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/coschedule

Oracle Marketing

While many of oracle’s posts are perhaps for seasoned marketing professionals, they do also provide a number of masterclasses on a variety of topics, so even new marketers can find their footing. If you’re trying to enhance your data-driven approach to marketing then this is definitely one to bookmark.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/OracleMktgCloud

Act-On Marketing

We love anything practical which is why Act-On gets to be featured in our list as many of their features provide actionable tips and advice which marketers can start testing. It does delve deep into more technical features, which means there is something for everyone.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/actonsoftware


As growth marketers, Sumo has a wealth of content that covers email marketing, content marketing, and social media, so that you can build a strategy from their insights. What’s great about their blogs, is that they’re actionable, which means most of them to provide easy step-by-step’s anyone can follow.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/sumome

Neil Patel

As one of the top influencers in the digital marketing realm, Neil Patel has to be on any marketers radar. If you love practical guidance Neil’s easy to follow features can help you to get your head around the wealth of information that is out there. Plus the best part is, Neil uses very little marketing jargon, so anyone can jump on and get learning.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/neilpatel

Feldman Creative

Barry Feldman is a seasoned pro when it comes to all things marketing, and on his blog, you can find honest advice about everything from SEO to content. Barry often features on Podcasts and Webinars which means no matter how you like to learn, Barry can be found dishing out his words of wisdom.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/FeldmanCreativ


While EConsultancy provides guides and how-to features, they’re most well-known for their detailed insight into the latest marketing trends and news. If you want to be in the know, and understand the data behind the story, then these are one to add to your must-read list.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/econsultancy

Business 2 Community

Contributors to the Business 2 Community blog are all experts in their field, which means you can regularly find useful articles across a range of marketing topics. With a number of whitepapers on the latest marketing data, you can be guaranteed to find something useful on this blog.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/b2community 

B2B Marketing

For those B2B marketers out there, the B2B Marketing blog is a premium publisher which helps businesses and marketers understand their customers better and create marketing campaigns that convert. If you particularly specialise in B2B marketing this has to be a blog you read religiously.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/marketingb2b

My Customer

With a focus on customer experience, My Customer approaches all areas of marketing but with the customer in mind. The articles provided on this publication can help businesses align their customer journeys so that marketing and sales are intertwined.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/MyCustomer

Digital Marketing Magazine

News and trend focussed magazine, Digital Marketing Magazine is where you go to get a good understanding of the landscape of marketing. With the latest data-driven insights and news stories on all things digital, it’s one to keep your eye for those big breaking news stories.

Marketing Week

Written specifically for brand marketers rather than agency marketers, this publication highlights the latest news in marketing but also delves deep into brand campaigns that are making an impact.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/MarketingWeekEd

Exposure Ninja

If you want to learn more about marketing the Ninja’s have you covered. With features that range from basic SEO to starting a blog, it’s ideal if you’re just starting out in the marketing world. As the blog focuses on a variety of topics, it doesn’t matter what you sell or market, there are features you can easily understand.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/exposureninja

Jeff Bullas

Dubbed by Forbes as the top influencers in online marketing, Jeff Bullas dedicates a lot of time to his blog and provides relevant and helpful features on a broad range of marketing topics. From getting to grips with analytics to improving your social media, Jeff brings his knowledge to the table.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/jeffbullas

Digital Marketing Institute

As leaders in enhancing digital skills, the Digital Marketing Institute has a library of features for first-time marketers who wish to learn more and put their knowledge to the test. This blog is ideal for interns, apprentices, or those who just want to learn the basics.

Marketing Profs

There’s a huge pool of resources to be found on the Marketing Profs blog, as they provide an incredible amount of content for those looking to improve their marketing. With a forum, blog, free guides, videos, and podcasts; there’s plenty to get your head into.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/marketingprofs


The popular InfusionSoft blog is dedicated to business success, which means they not only provide marketing blogs and guides, but also business lifestyle guides about overcoming doubt and getting more organised. You could say it’s like having a business coach in a blog!

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/keapgrowing

Marketing Land

If you feel like you can’t keep up with the amount of change that happens in marketing, Marketing Land is the one you should be having with your morning coffee.

As a daily publication, Marketing Land cover all the digital marketing news, including breaking news stories, insights and industry trends.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/marketingland

CMS Wire

Aligning marketing with customer management is the focus of this blog. Whether you work to acquire more customers or retain the ones you already have, their insights across the digital customer experience on this blog which can give you a real edge.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/CMSWire


SnapApp is a tool for marketers to increase leads and sales, which means the edge of their blog is that they aim to build a bridge between marketing and sales. Lead generation is the core focus on their blog so you can discover how to utilise your marketing skills to drive more results.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/Snap_App

Top Rank Marketing

The founders of Top Rank blog has worked with big brands including Dell and LinkedIn, to name a few. The edge with Top Rank is they want to help marketers with big challenges, rather than cover the basics. If you’re a seasoned marketer you may find their insights more intermediate than many of the traditional marketing blogs.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/toprank

Inbound Marketing

While there’s a heavy push on social media marketing the Inbound Marketing blog covers email marketing and content marketing, as well as some web insights.

The difference with Inbound is they don’t just offer advice on marketing, but also on business and growing a personal brand, so whether you’re an agency or a freelancer they have some supportive content with helpful guidance.


Breaking news and trends is what you’ll find on eMarketer, but their marketing news covers an incredibly broad range. From mobile, sector-specific to artificial intelligence, this is a true knowledge hub for advanced marketers who are always trying to be ahead of the curve.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/emarketer

Seer Interactive

Seer is a global marketing agency, but their experienced team regularly contributes to their blog which provides a wealth of seasoned knowledge.

Across the blog, they cover all aspects of marketing from PPC, SEO, to PR. However, as their features are detailed, they’re ideal for advanced marketers who are seeking peer-to-peer insight.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/SeerInteractive

State of Digital

Combining both news insight and expert guides, State of Digital really does have something for everyone. What’s most interesting is their thought-provoking features which discuss future trends and what marketers should be aware of in order to stay relevant.


Social Media

From improving your social following to enhancing your brand awareness with social media’s biggest influencers, these are the publications and blogs you need to read to keep social content flowing.



Hootsuite has a wealth of knowledge on social media platforms, and they put this to good use in their blog. As well as providing data to enhance social campaigns, they also give inspiration on how to improve the content you’re creating.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/hootsuite


While Buffer predominantly provides social media tips and advice, they take this one step further by providing useful guidance on nurturing relationships with customers through social. This holistic approach to social really sets them apart.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/buffer


As well as basic guides on how to get your social campaigns started, Sharethis also provide a range of data on social platforms and their audiences to help marketers to create more relevant campaigns. This is an ideal blog for those just getting started in social.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/sharethis


Later gives you all the knowledge you need to master Instagram. From updates on Instagram’s latest algorithm changes to details on the best types of content to publish. If you want to bring your Instagram A-game, this is the blog to read.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/latermedia

Social Media Today

With breaking news stories, trends, and platform insights, Social Media Today is the blog to follow for the latest in the social arena.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/socialmedia2day


As another social scheduling tool, Sprout separate themselves from other social blogs by combining social marketing knowledge with other areas of marketing such as email. They lean towards supporting influencers and brands grow their social following.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/sproutsocial

Social Bakers

Social Bakers cover every platform in the social media landscape. From YouTube to LinkedIn, they provide news stories and how-to articles across their blog. No matter the platform you’re wishing to improve this is certainly to keep you updated.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/socialbakers

Agro Pulse

Covering all social media platforms, Agro provide alternative features on their blog that go beyond the basic know-how of social marketing. With advice on how to improve performance and generate unique content.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/agorapulse


This blog is most certainly for the more advanced marketers who are seeking analysis and data. Sprinklr particularly focuses on big social campaigns and provide more relatable business guidance linked with social performance.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/sprinklr


Brandwatch put their efforts into supporting agencies and likeminded digital marketers. Again, it’s one for the more advanced marketers, as topics not only range from content writing, but also to the integration of reporting tools.


A useful blog for those wanting to enhance their social media marketing, Sysomos connect everything back to social.

With updates from the biggest social conferences to building a brand on social.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/sysomos


Oktopost is an intermediate blog for those who are already actively strategising for social media. Moving away from beginners guides, they give deeper insights and data-led news which aims to create more intelligent campaigns.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/oktopost

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner has to be one of the most popular social marketing blogs currently publishing on the web.

With practical guides on the latest updates from each platform, to industry reports and news, it covers a wealth of information that any social media marketer needs to be aware of.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/smexaminer

Social Report

While Social Report is most well-known for publishing the latest data on social media platforms, their blog also gives useful guidance to those looking to enhance their profiles.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/thesocialreport

Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer brings together all the essential elements of social media marketing. With tips on boosting audience engagement to understanding the impact of algorithm changes. It provides more than just a strategy.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/smxplorer

Hot in Social Media

With contributors who have experience across all the social media platforms, Hot in Social feels like the insider’s guide to gaining big brand exposure on social media.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/hotinsm


Inconosquare purely focuses on Facebook and Instagram, which means they provide insights into updates and practical tips on improving engagement. If these platforms are a strong focus for you it’s certainly one to swat upon.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/iconosquare


Planoly provides an Instagram focussed blog predominantly aimed at digital influencers.  While it feels like an Instagram magazine, there are still some serious tips and tricks available for businesses who want to win at Instagram.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/planoly

Social Insider

Love social media data and insight? Then you’ll relish in the data-driven aspect of Social Insider. As well as providing case studies on social campaigns, they also talk to experts to garner the best advice for social media marketers.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/socialinsiderio

Socially Sorted

Ideal for beginners to social media marketing space, Socially Sorted provides guidance around content that can excel on social platforms. This is less strategy, more inspiration kind of blog.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/sociallysorted

Matters of Influence

If you want to know how to attract influencers or run an influencer campaign, this blog has the low-down on all you need to know. From the latest influencers in a particular sector, to brand success stories.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/traackr



No matter the type of content you’re looking to create, from a perfectly put together blog post, to interactive videos, these blogs will reveal all you need to know in creating content that leaves a lasting impression.


The Content Strategist

The Content Strategist is a knowledge hub for content marketers that are seeking to generate an edge in their campaigns. The blog not only covers useful statistics and expert features but also includes fun insights into the world of content.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/contently/


It’s all about blogging on Problogger, so if this is an area you’re wishing to perfect, this blog truly reveals guidance and knowledge to improve every area of your blogging. From finding inspiration to staying productive.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/problogger

Newscred Insights

Newscred believes in empowering marketers with powerful resources that inspire, educate, and make marketing better for everyone. Their types of features range from beginner to intermediate, with articles on how to write a press release to create an integrated content campaign.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/newscred


Cision is an established brand in the PR and influencer arena, which means their content provides first-hand knowledge and experience to enhance content outreach.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/Cision

Tubular Insights

Tubular focus their blog on video marketing. With reviews of global video campaigns to insights on the trends emerging in video. If you want to enhance video marketing this is certainly one to add to your reading list.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/tubularlabs/


Covering all areas of content marketing Buzzsumo are renowned for their useful blog. They consistently review content to provide data-led insight to content marketers and give tips on creating content strategies.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/BuzzSumo


Vidyard is yet another blog that only focusses on video content. No matter how you’re looking to use video in your marketing strategy there is an article on this blog that will help.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/vidyard

Content Marketing Institute

Only the most experienced content marketers contribute to Content Marketing Institutes blog, so you know you’re getting high-quality advice.

The publication covers every area of content marketing, from measuring KPI’s to how to hire new content marketers.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/cmicontent


Copyblogger is one of the longest-running blogs on content writing.

Since January 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate content but valuable information that attracts attention drives traffic and builds a business.


Buzzstream is one of the most popular tools used by content marketers to amplify their content. Whether you use the tool, or you’re new to it, their blog is a must-read to ensure you can effectively outreach to some of the most established publications.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/buzzstream

The Content Wrangler

For more seasoned content marketers, The Content Wrangler provides more technical features around content marketing. It’s well worth a review, as many of the topics covered are not traditionally covered by other content marketing blogs.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/ContentWrangler


Curata is a content marketing blog aimed at experienced marketers who need updates on trends, and guidance on more complex improvements to their content. For example, some of the features discuss the adoption of AI with content and understanding the buyer’s journey.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/curata

Convince & Convert

Convince and Convert aims to make the content perform and lead to results. Therefore, each feature and post is predominately focussed on making content convert into leads or sales. It’s ideal for those who want to make their content actionable.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/convince


Relevance covers all aspects of marketing, but they put a particular emphasis on content marketing. Founded in 2006, the blog aims to make effective business communication a core part of content marketing. The expertise provided ranges in levels so both a beginner and a pro can find useful guidance.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/relevance

Smart Blogger

Smart blogger is very much about the joy of the written word in content marketing. If you wish to make your written content excel online you’ll find everything here, from increasing your writing speed to using WordPress.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/smartbloggerhq


Paid Advertising

Don’t waste your budget on paid advertising that doesn’t covert. Read these blogs and ensure you fully understand how to make your paid advertising work for its money. From getting to grips with your competition to aligning your message, these are the destinations that can help paid advertising, pay off.



Wordstream is a big name in paid advertising, and it’s understandable when you look at the wealth of advice they provide freely on their blog. It doesn’t matter if you’re in-house or agency, this is the best place to start when looking to understand paid advertising.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/WordStream

Google Ads

As leaders in the realm of paid advertising, it’s wise to keep up with what Google advises on their paid ads blog. With constant updates and guidance, it’s a place that all digital marketers should visit before kick-starting an ad campaign.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/googleads

Bing Ads

They may not have the market share of advertising that Google does, but Bing Ads have proven to be effective, which means if you’re looking to learn more about how the engine works then their blog is a must-visit destination. While they do combine both marketing and news-worthy updated, it’s a place that all marketers should be aware of.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/MSFTAdvertising

The Daily Campaigner

Making ads convert is the name of the game on The Daily Campaigner, so while they may provide you with some technical guidance, the bread and butter of this blog is to give you tips and advice on how to make those ads convert into leads or sales. With tips from industry experts, news updates and agency-specific guidance, The Daily Campaigner is most certainly one for those managing ad budgets.

Follow them on Twitter >  https://twitter.com/acquisio

PPC Hero

Created with the vision to truly train and teach marketers both the basic and finer technical skills of managing a successful pay per click campaign, the PPC Hero is the number one blog for marketers seeking to enhance their PPC knowledge.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/ppchero


Email Marketing

No matter who your audience, getting emails into the inbox and away from the delete button is essential when you want to nurture relationships with your customers and encourage a sale. With these blogs, you’ll not only discover how to build a strong email list but design emails that generate action.

Vertical Response

A knowledge source for any email marketer new or old, the Vertical Response blog provides marketers with practical guidance and insights on how to build emails that speak to people. From creating better subject lines to developing a strategy, no matter your email marketing conundrum you can find a helpful answer on this blog.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/vr4smallbiz


Whether you’re struggling for ideas on what to add into your emails, to understanding how to drive more sales through your campaigns; Aweber’s blog has a multitude of guidance available for marketers who want to make their emails accelerate.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/aweber


We always love when a blog has varied content, as not everyone has the time or patience to read a detailed written guide. So this is why Litmus blog gets on our list. Not only do they provide great guides for email marketers, but they also have videos from email wizards that give practical guidance and insight.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/litmusapp

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp has long dominated the email marketing arena. But when it comes to their blog, they not only give marketers tips on all marketing subjects but also provide business advice. This gives mail chimp a real edge in terms of knowledge, as they support larger organisations as well as individuals. No matter where you sit in marketing, the mail chimp blog can give you some words of wisdom.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/Mailchimp

Campaign Monitor

A giant in the realm of email marketing, Campaign Monitor is well-established. With their blog, Campaign Monitor don’t just give out email marketing tips and advice, they also back-up their advice with information on other areas of marketing. From understanding influencer marketing to creating interactive emails that convert.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/campaignmonitor


Compared to other blogs in the email marketing sphere, Freshmail take an entirely different approach with their blog and instead provide in-depth, technical features. Ideal for marketers who have more experience, the Freshmail blog teaches marketers about integration with other apps, segregation of lists and autoresponders.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/freshmail_app



If you run an e-commerce store and want to make it a sell-out success, these publications are dedicated to helping you maximise your e-commerce exposure.



Combining knowledge of user-experience and sales, Bigcommerce provides marketers with tips, advice and the latest news in e-commerce marketing. Covering every aspect of e-commerce including running successful season campaigns, it’s most definitely a destination to bookmark.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/Bigcommerce


As one of the biggest e-commerce platforms available to retailers, the Shopify e-commerce marketing blog is a retailers knowledge fountain. With inspirational stories from existing retailers, to hints and tips on how to grow your store, the Shopify blog is dedicated to supporting small retailers to reach a big audience.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/Shopify


Ideal for more experienced e-commerce marketers, the Unbounce blog combines technical knowledge of landing page optimisation along with an insight into the trends that are gaining the biggest conversions. Whether you work with B2B or B2C, there is advice that can be utilised for multiple sectors.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/unbounce

Ecommerce Fuel

The e-commerce fuel blog has varied content that isn’t just eCommerce specific. With ideas on improving content marketing, to case studies of success, there’s a real pick and mix of information that can enable you to enhance your eCommerce platform overall.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/youderian


For those who are new to e-commerce or want a beginners guide to improving sales, the Woocommerce blog is truly the destination that supports small retailers. While there are a number of more technical posts about app integration, the key focus on this blog is the small e-commerce store.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/woocommerce


Aimed towards more advanced e-commerce marketers the Magento blog provides the latest e-commerce news and updates, alongside industry expert features. If you manage a large e-commerce store or multiple stores, this is a space you should visit on your coffee break.

Follow them on Twitter >  https://twitter.com/magento


If you want to sell successfully online, then the Volusion blog provides an array of support and guidance to enable growth to happen. From understanding other online retail platforms like Amazon, to preparing your site for seasonal trends, there is a wealth of information that e-commerce marketers can draw upon.

Follow them on Twitter > https://twitter.com/volusion

A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand isn’t just about selling online, it’s about being an e-commerce entrepreneur. With features ranging from marketing advice to business guidance, A Better Lemonade Stand is like an e-commerce coach.

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Springbot eCommerce

No matter where you sit in the e-commerce arena, new or a little experienced, the Springbot blog gives you a marketing toolbox to help your e-commerce store thrive all year round. The success stories feature is also a highlight that helps to inspire.

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