How to blog for business

The benefits of unique, high quality blogs are huge. Blogs can boost a business’s organic search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign and build industry authority as well.

Simply creating a business blog isn’t enough to drive interest in a business. If it is going to be done, it needs to be done right and the first rule is to keep it updated regularly.

A blog that is doesn’t have many updates can actually look unused and dead to both users and Google.

Online readers behave differently than they do offline and that they often don’t perceive the content to be as honest as in a newspaper or magazine maybe because there is so much of it across the web. As a result, this makes visitors more likely to scan website copy and much less likely to reach the end of any one article. Businesses should bear this in mind as they prepare their blog content.  You have to capture readers early on.

When preparing content, writers should always use short sentences with the minimal grammar required. Writers should also try and use a fresh paragraph for each sentence, so the words aren’t all clumped together.

Also, consider calls to action that should be placed high up in the copy as well as at the end where possible, so not to be missed

Finally, a blog is only meant to be the beginning of a conversation. Blog owners should not simply post and consider their job done.

Businesses must take the time to read and respond to comments. It’s also important to socialise online to promote the blog through Twitter, Facebook, forums, and any other social platform.

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