Don’t Get Ripped Off For Search Engine Submission

I wanted to write a post to let small businesses and those with new websites know why you do not need to be ripped off by SEO sharks offering to MASS Submit your website to copious amounts of search engines.  I see this type of service being offered just about every day and on so many online marketing, seo and digital marketing websites.  I was discussing Online Marketing in Cambridge with a potential client who was asking if he should do exactly this.

Why are Mass Search Engine Submission Services Ripping You Off?
Some SEO suppliers want to charge inexperienced marketing people and webmasters to submit their site to Google, Yahoo, Bing and about 4 billion other rogue search engines. I advise you to steer clear of these companies and not only do not submit your website with them also do not use any of their other services, after all if they are willing to take you on a ride for one service what are they going to do with other services they offer you?

We could very easily offer this service and submit to 500 search engines for £50 for 1000 or £100 for 3000 and so on…but why?  And how guilty would we feel knowing that our customers may not benefit and we lose my integrity.  I know it’s so easy when you are learning or do not understand search engine optimisation to see these amazing offers, the number one guarantees and promotions and get very easily sucked in. 

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The facts are simple, Google dominates over 89% of the search market in the UK.  That’s a huge chunk of web searches that happen on Google, in fact it’s so dominant in people’s minds that “to google” has entered the lexicon as shorthand for “search the Internet.” In fact there are some people out there that think Google is the Internet; it’s where you go to see the web sites. I think there are lots of people who literally think that the Internet is stored inside Google!

How do you submit your site for Free?


A little trick (tip) I learnt a few years ago is to get a link to your website and not submit it and you will find that the Google bots pick up on this and will find your website.  You may think that your site is so new that maybe no one will link to it but try this. 

Open an account on Twitter related your website and put your site web link in your profile then add your first post introducing your website with a LINK to your site.  It’s really that easy.
twitter birdOn top of that you can also go onto someone else’s facebook group make a comment and again add your site and link to it. 
After that you can look up a local online directory or an industry online directory and again you guess it submit your site and link.  This process for 3 links take you less than 15 minutes and will save you money that you can then spend on something more worthwhile.

This obviously isn’t how you optimise your site but these are just the first simple steps to being seen. Other search engines will soon pick up on that fact that your site is in Google and also that you have other links to your site and you will begin naturally being found.  Google, Yahoo and Bing are the main search engines getting the traffic and after that I really wouldn’t worry to much.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop your comments in below.

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