The World Cup SEO Team Sheet

We have reached that time of year where if you aren’t talking or listening to talk of the Fifa World Cup 2014 then you are probably locked in a cave somewhere.

So for those that are not locked away with a few weeks of supplies but still wanting to keep an eye on their SEO tactics, please find our SEO team sheet and top 11 picks to win the SEO world cup.


A little more about the SEO Team

1) Make your team stand out from the crowd.  It seems a little obvious but interesting and descriptive content is a real winner.  Think about it, do you want to read your article? Would you want to share your content? If the answer is not a resounding ‘yes’ to this then get back to the drawing board or substitute your content writers.

2) A catchy content title, another one of those all too obvious statements, but a title means everything and then a little bit more, this is going to be your 12th man when it comes to playing the game.  This is what is likely yo be pulled throughout when sharing on social networks and the decision maker when someone choosing your link, ‘to click or not to click, that is the question.  The right title will send fear into the opposition before they’ve even seen the team sheet.

3) You may be the new man at the back but schema mark up is going to be important to let people know who we are.  You are the new defence and anyone who hadn’t come across your previously will be hitting the ‘Google search’ trying to find out what makes you the must have player for the world cup.

4) As squad is vital to get through the group stages and into the knock out tournament, for this you will need to make sure you have applied a deep linking strategy, don’t make it all about the man up front, this is a team game and make all your pages count.

5) Its all about fair play these days and thats why you need SEO friendly url’s, no diving or making excuses.  Exact match domains have taken a beating but still score well, but make sure your deep links look good and play fair.

6)  Meta title and description, ok this is a little old skool now but who doesn’t need some experience in their squad?  Don’t duplicate, just create something and make it the foundations of your team.  If you just try all the flashy back heels and tricks and you will be wishing you’d taken the old head on the plane to Rio with you.

7) When sending the team out on the pitch we need a leader in the form of heading tags, the captain and leader will be the <h1> but don’t forget the others all the way up to <h6> these guys need to work as a team.

8) Every team needs a play maker, your secret weapon is likely to be your anchor texts, get this right and you could easily be dribbling past the opposition.  Be careful not to over do it though or everyone will know what you are aiming for and all the tricks up your sleeve.  No one likes a show off.

9) No one is leaving the dressing room until they have been properly groomed, we have the eyes of the world on us.  This is why you shouldn’t forget your image tags, your file and alt tags can mean the difference between a turnip write up in the papers or a sports ad with Beckham.  If we get the file size right we could be lighter and fast up the pitch, lets have a look good feel good attitude.

10) Words of wisdom, we are close to making it out onto the pitch, every word the team hears from the manager at this point is going to go buzzing through the system.  Latent semantic indexing of those words means you want to deliver something proving you can give the best possible experience and not stuffing players into corners of the field, this is your chance to show some natural flare to the world.

11) This is it we are about to enter the field of play.  Remember the plans and make sure your sitemap is in place.  Everyone needs to know where your heading and the officials need to know all the pages that are part of your plan.  You can keep this updated as the game goes on, it will help you get players onto the pitch faster and create a clear route for planning your layout.  The football SEO governing body will be proud of you.

Results not sponsored or endorsed by Fifa 🙂  When taking your SEO team to the world cup who would you have on the bench or who else would you stick in your first 11?

Come on England !!!

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