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Marketing Checklist in Lockdown

The Coronavirus hasn’t just impacted our health and our lifestyle, but our businesses as well. The latest data reveals that Coronavirus is expected to cost …


COVID-19 Company Update

With the current continued spread of COVID-19, we wanted to inform you that we have contingency plans in place to ensure our service will be …


How Coronavirus is Spreading Fake News

Unless you live on another planet, you cannot avoid the drama that has struck the UK since Coronavirus. Supermarkets are selling out of essentials as …

Easter Bunny Content Ideas

How to Crack New Content Ideas

Creating fresh content for your website can feel like a demanding task when you have little time to write it, let alone sit and think …


7 reasons you need to invest in SEO

Is SEO Part Of Your Marketing Strategy? More and more businesses are choosing to invest in digital marketing activities now that the online world is …

marketing lessons fyre festival

The Marketing Lessons to be learnt from the Fyre Festival

If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary Fyre Festival, we strongly recommend you add this to your viewing list before you read on, as there’s …

pexels photo 1152662 - SEO

Are you in need of a website audit?

The new year is the perfect opportunity to revitalise your website and think about the digital impact your business would like to make for the …

pexels photo 196644 - SEO

Web design and UX

A website is a place on the web – a junction – and the makeup of a site is itself a system with attributes that …

how to combine pr and seo web - SEO

How to combine PR and SEO

Are your PR and SEO strategies aligned? In recent years, the lines between PR and SEO have become blurred, as they have similar goals in …


Why Collaboration Between Developers, Designers and Marketers Is Important

Gone are the days when developers, designers, and marketers were separate entities that had to shout the loudest to be heard. In today’s hyper-digital world, …

seo 2018 - SEO

What’s SEO all about in 2018

Every year the SEO industry evolves, Google makes regular micro-edits to the algorithm alongside dropping a few bombshells along the way which send the SEO …


WordPress Still Rocks and Here’s Why

So you’re considering a new website and you’ve heard through the grapevine that WordPress is the system to use? Like all important business decisions, opinions …