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Images are worth a thousand words on your website

Sometimes great content is just not enough! Images attract our attention, especially where social media is concerned. Everyone scrolls through Twitter and Facebook generally ignoring …

website auditing - SEO

Lessons to be learned from the TalkTalk Cyber Attack

Could your business fall victim to a cyber attack? If you are one of TalkTalk’s four million customers, chances are you will be changing your …

the importance of internal links for seo web - SEO

The Importance of Internal Links for SEO

What considerations do you give to links in your content? Building a website that functions properly and provides value for its visitors is an essential …

how to deal with old ecommerce web pages

How to deal with old e-commerce product pages

Are you converting website visitors seeking old content? E-commerce websites have a problem when it comes to expired content: How do you keep potential customers …

10 ways to identify a bad seo company web - SEO

10 ways to identify a bad SEO company

How many times have you been sent a poorly-written and frankly ridiculous email from an SEO company on the other side of the world, who …

marketing team

Is your SEO agency an extension of your marketing team?

Has your SEO company made an effort to understand your marketing activity? There’s no doubt that SEO is incredibly important to any business. After all, …

right to be forgotten - SEO

Does everybody have the right to be forgotten?

The question of what should and shouldn’t be searchable on the web reared its head again this week, as it was reported that Google were …