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SEO tips for beginners - SEO

Why is digital marketing recruitment a challenge?

Digital Marketing recruitment can be a challenge Marketing is an essential backbone to almost every business where plans for traditional PR & marketing methods are …

mobile local 01 01 - SEO

Google local pack set to include paid listings

New Paid listings heralds the start of new changes for Google Local Pack Google is bringing in yet more changes and it seems as though …


Digital tips for relaunching your brand

In order to keep up with consumer needs in our fast-paced society, businesses often benefit from a fresh new look and marketing strategy. This not …

the importance of internal links for seo web - SEO

Create visitor journeys and improve UX

If a user’s experience is their journey on your web page, then they need to stay on board or that ride is over. Maintaining people’s …

website content building

Your website content is more important than you think

They say content is king. And, nowhere is this old adage more true than when it comes to the content on your business website. It’s …

content ideas

How to generate creative content ideas

Unique content can help improve UX and SEO As the old saying goes, Content is King, even though the saying is a little overused these …

Why you need to monitor website traffic - SEO

Fake Twitter followers – Playing dirty with Social Media

Twitter Fake Followers – Welcome to the dark side Ever noticed someone’s Twitter following increase dramatically overnight? To put it simply there is a good …


Why your marketing strategy needs to adapt to Micro-Moments

You are already in the moment Life in the digital age – where the majority of us have a smartphone and a constant connection to …

mobile local 01 01 - SEO

Small Business SEO Tips 2016

Any small business owner in 2016 knows it is important to gain as much online visibility as possible as consumers continue to switch their attention …


Why your website needs custom images

Create a Unique Brand Identity with Custom Images The images you use create your visual identity, especially where websites are concerned. Using custom images not …

red alien quiz red - SEO

Can you match the slogan to the brand?

Thinking of rebranding in the New Year and currently brainstorming a few slogans? Take a look at our quiz for a little inspiration and see …

Will Social Networking at Work Finish off Emails - SEO

Will Social Networking at work kill off emails?

Using Facebook at work is no longer a ticking off? Almost everyone working in an office at some point in their working life has been …